On the footsteps of the fortification of the 1st world war

30. 08. 2017

The region of Tarvisio and its neighboring valley is renowned for its fortification, fortress or even military routes from the 1st world war. The army of the Italian kingdom  and the Austro-Hungarian army stood against each other here.

Walk around or go by bike or by car ... You can find war trails at almost every step.

Study the "Circle of Great War" and other information.

Regional cuisine for experts

30. 08. 2017

Try to prepare one of the best-known regional delicacy - Cjarsons.

And as soon as you arrive in Tarvisio, try to compare how you did it.

On a mountain bike throug the Regional Natural Park of the Julian Alps

30. 08. 2017

Six routes of variol difficulty and focus will guide you through the beautiful landscape of the nature park on a mountain bike.

Look forward to trips uphills, as well as cautious trips downhill in the lower levels of the Julian Alps. Everywhere around the beautiful nature ...

From Tarvisio you drive by car via Resiuto or from the Slovenian side via Bovec.

Because of good Italian cuisine to Tarvisio

30. 08. 2017

You can enjoy your stay with a visit of various restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

When leaving, do not forget to visit the local supermarket and buy high-quality Italian food that will remind you at home how you enjoyed your holiday ...



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